Dual Diagnosis

Many of those admitted to our treatment center not struggle with substance abuse, but also with underlying mental illness. In many cases, addiction was the direct result of mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder and even anxiety. In order to properly treat addiction, we must treat mental illness alongside it.

While the reason one leads to the other may not be clear, the link between the two cannot be ignored. Psychiatric illnesses are often masked by drugs and alcohol, and the symptoms of addiction are very similar to the symptoms of the illness. Simply treating one will not work. Both the addiction and the illness must be treated if you are to truly feel whole and healthy.

When underlying conditions are not treated, the chance of relapsing into the addiction becomes extremely high. We don’t want you to go on a roller coaster ride of addiction and rehab. We want you to be healthy and clean. That’s why we do more than just help you kick the habit. We look at the big picture. When you are dealing with a psychiatric illness, the only way to assure that is to provide you with treatment for the mental disorder.

Treating psychiatric disorders is a job for professionals and one that we take very seriously. Helping a person with a dual diagnosis can be complex, and a great deal of experience is required. We have highly experienced and skilled professionals who are prepared to help. If you have a family history of psychiatric disorders, or suspect that you may have one in addition to your addiction, call us today.

Our office is open and ready to help you. Call us at

(727) 386-8071

from Clearwater, FL so we can get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

At The Treatment Center, we are ready to help you get started in the right program, with proper treatment for co-occurring conditions. We offer a detailed and highly successful, integrated treatment programs to fit your individual needs.

Our medically supervised detox program is designed to help you get sober safely without trauma and misery.

Our team of professionals is here to help you work through your addiction, and also get the treatment you need for any underlying disorders. We are ready to get started whenever you are. Relief is here and all you have to do is make the call.


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